The Peacocks at Speedfest 2014 in Eindhoven

The Peacocks TigerThe Peacocks Tiger

The Peacocks are a great band and really nice chaps from Switzerland. I created this gigposter – which Jürg, the Peacocks drummer likes to call „The Eye of the Tiger“, for their show at the Speedfest in Eindhoven, NL. The band also had shirts made with this design which you can buy at their shows, which you should attend anyways!

There are two versions of this 4 color print, one with a orange-to-red gradient and one in just orange, both look amazing, if you ask me.

  • Details
  • 4-color Screenprint
    200g Paper
    50cm x 50cm
    Edition of: 50 (different versions)
    Signed and numbered
  • Orange Version:
    20,00 €

  • Red Version:
    Sorry, my posters are limited edition art-prints that will not be reprinted. This one is
    Sold Out!
    Hurry and have a look if there is some other prints you are interested in.