Dani Dorchin & Shake it Wild in Mannheim

Dani Dorchin in Mannheim


  • Details
  • 3-color Screenprint
    300g red Paper
    50cm x 35cm
    Edition of: 25
    Signed and numbered
  • 20,00 €


I created this Shake it Wild & Dani Dorchin poster spontaneously when I heard that Israeli Blues performer Dani Dorchin will be playing at our monthly Rock’n’Roll night at the Blau: Shake it Wild. Since the Blues is the Devil’s Music (Robert Johnson, Crossroads, you see) and we usually have a topic for the evening and also wear funny costumes (you should really check out the photos on Facebook, hahaha) the theme for the poster came naturally. I found a cool pic of a vintage halloween special packaging for Kellogg’s Cornflakes which I adapted for this.

Here’s a Work in Progress Blog Post for the poster.