Gigposter: Radio Birdman at Underground Cologne – Gigposter

Gigposter: Radio Birdman @ Underground CologneGigposter: Radio Birdman @ Underground CologneGigposter: Radio Birdman @ Underground Cologne

Gigposter for Australians punkrock legends Radio Birdman at the Underground in Cologne.

Some time after I created the poster something amazing happened: I was at an (International) Noise Conspiracy show in Hamburg and saw a girl that looked exactly like the girl on the poster – well, not exactly, she didn’t have tentacles and wasn’t green, but she had the exact same hairdo and Radio Birdman patches on her jeans jacket!

There are 3 versions of this poster on different colored paper (light and dark grey and a very limited run on silver paper as well). Only very few left, be quick!

  • Details
  • 4-color Screenprint
    120g Paper (light & dark grey, silver)
    70cm x 25cm
    Edition of: 35 (different versions)
    Signed and numbered
  • Dark Grey Version:
    Sold Out!
  • Light Grey Version:
    Sold Out!
  • Silver Version:
    Sold Out!