Loaded X-Mas Tour 2013


Loaded X-Mas Tour

Poster for my friends of Punk’n’Roll band Loaded. I create most, if not all, artwork for the band, including record covers, t-shirt and various offset posters, you can click on the Bandname on top of this page to see all the stuff. This was the first screenprint I did for them. Loaded is playing a traditional x-mas tour every year, this poster was for the 2013 gigs.

It might be obviously to some of you that I  was trying to create a Saul Bass feel on this one. If you don’t know Mr. Bass‘ work, you have to check it out now!

There are 2 different color-versions of this poster, in dark blue and a few ones with a light-to-dark blue gradient.

  • Details
  • 3-color Screenprint
    200g Paper
    42cm x 60cm
    Edition of: 18
    Signed and numbered
  • Alle meine poster sind limitierte Kunstdrucke die nicht wieder aufgelegt werden. Dieser hier ist