Love A at Maifeld Derby – Gigposter



  • Details
  • 1-color Screenprint (Goldsparkle)
    200g Paper
    50cm x 70cm
    Edition of: 50
    Signed and numbered
  • 20,00 €

Beautiful 1 color screen print for LOVE A who played at the Maifeld Derby Festival in my hometown Mannheim. The show was amazing, for me one of the highlights of the festival, go visit the band on tour if you can, well worth it!

The illustration shows the Thames Estuary Maunsell Forts, towers built in the sea to defend England from the Germans in WWII. What makes them interesting besides the fact that they look very Star Warsy, though, is that they have been occupied during the 60s and used as Pirate Radio Stations.

Here’s a Work in Progress Blog Post for the poster.