Delta Quads vs. Rollergirls of the Apocalypse – Rollerderby Homebout Poster



  • Details
  • 2-color Screenprint
    300g black paper
    70cm x 50cm
    Edition of: 20
    Signed and numbered
  • 20,00 €

This is my second Rollerderby Poster for the Homebout of the Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads vs. the Rollergirls of the Apocalypse from Kaiserslautern. The bout was a real blast and we also had a small Antighost Screenprints stall there.

The poster is one of my very few experiments in halftone rasters and while it has some flaws and an overall „grungy“ look, I still like it a lot. There’s 2 versions available, one is silver and purple-metallic on black and the other is silver and gold on black.

Here’s a Work in Progress Blog Post for the poster.