Bitterness Exhumed & Weekend Nachos in Tilburg – Gigposter

Bitterness Exhumed & Weekend NachosBitterness Exhumed & Weekend Nachos


  • Details
  • 2-color Screenprint
    220g Paper
    Edition of: 40 (different versions)
    Signed and numbered
  • Black Version:
    15,00 €

  • White Version:
    15,00 €

Gigposter for Bitterness Exhumed and Weekend Nachos in Tillburg, Netherlands!

GORE!!!! There are 3 different versions on various different papers. Basically it’s on Black-Red-White standard version and then there’s one with silver on black paper and one pretty cool one with glossy-colorless-color on black paper, no clue how to explain that properly. Here’s the standard one!